Monika Caha Selections
Monika Caha Selections

Monika Caha Selections are imported/distributed by

Frederick Wildman & Sons Wholesale

(NY & NJ)*

Estates: Forstreiter, Fritsch, Josef Fischer, Langmann, Neumeister, Anita & Hans Nittnaus, Stadlmann

Wines: The Grooner Group (Grooner*, Zvy-gelt* & Rozay) + The 1 Liter Project (GV, RZ, Handwerk)

* Grooner & Zvy-gelt imported nationally/distributors vary per state

Grooner is also in select Canadian provinces-contact us for informtion

Angels’ Share Wines

 (NY, NJ, CT, CA, FL/Distributors vary per state)

Estates: Diem, Josef Schmid, Thom Wachter, Waldschuetz


Jenny & Francois Selections

 (NY, NJ + other states /Distributors vary per state)

Estates: Strohmeier


Zev Rovine Selections

 (NY, NJ + other states/Distributors vary per state)

Estates: Schmelzer, Andreas & Martin Nittnaus


Field Blend Selections

(NY, NJ)

Estates: Andreas Gsellmann

Wines: Lustig Gruner Veltliner


If you are a distributor interested in any estates or wines in available states

If you have any questions about our wineries, wines or anything Austrian

If you are a consumer and wish to know where you can purchase our wines

Please contact us